Pet Health


Through the day-to-day operation of boarding and daycare, pets may be exposed to contagious organisms than can result in illness, or they may be subject to injury through routine play. Although no “negligence” is involved by the operator of the facility, the pet owner’s sense of justice is offended when he/she is asked to pay for something that occurred while the care of their pet was entrusted to others. To address this quandary, Paws by the Lake Pet Resort has established a Healthy Pet Warranty Program. This program defines the level of liability our pet resort will assume for pets that become ill or are injured while boarding, although no improper care was involved.

Maximum Coverage

Expiration Date

Fee Per Pet


Subject to the exclusions, terms, and conditions listed below, Paws by the Lake Pet Resort will be financially responsible for any veterinary care (office call, testing, and/or in-hospital treatments) provided by the Avon Lake Animal Clinic associated with any illness or injury incurred while your pet is boarding at Paws by the Lake Pet Resort, up to the maximum listed above.

The Healthy Pet Program excludes the following:

Terms and Conditions

This coverage is the pet owner’s exclusive remedy in the event of any claims for illness, injury, or medical care for a covered pet. Pet owner shall remain responsible for all charges exceeding the maximum coverage amount.

Paws by the Lake Pet Resort retains the right to exclude pets from the Healthy Pet Warranty Program based on age, pre-existing illness or injury, or any other health concerns identified on admittance to our pet resort.