We feel our staff at Paws by the Lake Pet Resort is unsurpassed. We take pride in selecting, training, and maintaining a diverse group of animal lovers. From the newest hire, to employees who have been with our company for over 40 years, our staff works together to assure a pleasant stay for your loved pet.

Management Staff

Management is important to any boarding facility. Our managers hold various degrees and licenses in veterinary technology and animal training. They are all committed to quality pet care, cleanliness, and old-fashioned caring. They oversee the daily activities of our facility and are available should any concerns arise. Please feel free to contact them at any time.

Pet Care Attendants

Pet care attendants are the ones who attend to your pet’s daily needs while in our care. They are responsible for feeding, walking, maintaining a clean suite, and overseeing any activities that have been elected. One unique feature of our facility is the willingness of our pet care attendants to pick up the phone and let you know how your pet’s stay is going. This communication helps us understand your pet better, assuring a positive boarding experience. They are assigned to consistent suites and many of our return guests get to know them well.

Doggie Daycare Staff

It takes a special person to handle all of the social encounters that are experienced in Doggie Daycare. We have selected and trained individuals with patience, attentiveness, and an overall love for animals. Our commitment to the safety of your pet is at the forefront of our training process. The Doggie Daycare staff has been trained by some of the best dog daycare consultants in the country. We complement this training with frequent continuing education seminars to ensure a safe and happy Doggie Daycare environment.


Receptionists are your point of contact to our pet resort. They are responsible for making reservations, setting up your pet’s itinerary/activities during their stay, and ensuring a smooth admittance and release from our facility. They are friendly, informative and always available to answer any questions about your pet’s stay. Feel free to contact them at any time. They are prepared to assist you in any way possible.